Misunderstandings about Hong Kong

This post is written in English because it is targeted to the English readers who may have some misunderstandings about Hong Kong.

  1. Hong Kong people (a.k.a. Kongees) hate Jackie Chan. We think he is a stupid arrogant asshole, not a hero. Next time when you meet someone from Hong Kong, you can say that you hate Jackie Chan (because you do, I know). Pretending to be Jackie’s fan would only embarrass your friend from Hong Kong.
  2. Hong Kong is in the southern part of China. It is not in Japan, Taiwan or … well, Australia – though we Kongees hope so.
  3. Kongees speak differently from the typical ‘Chineses’ ((Some of the points in this article compare Kongees with “typical Chineses". Here the term “typical Chinese" only refers to the image of a Chinese which many English readers typically have. The image is possibly inaccurate. The author has no intention to claim that Chinese behave as the ‘typical Chinese’ described, or to hurt the feeling of any Chinese.)) who you have impression with. We generally speak better English than Mandarin (i.e. the dialect spoken by Mainland Chinese). We are more familiar with ‘Hello’ than ‘Nee How Ma’.
  4. Kongees act differently from typical ‘Chineses’. We Kongees queue up. We do not litter. We do not pee or poo in public. Unfortunately, some of the Kongees do shout in public.
  5. Hong Kong has very updated communication technology and the highest internet speed among the world (according to Bloomberg). However, we only import these new devices from other countries (probably yours). We invent and produce nothing here.
  6. Internet is filtered in Mainland China only, not Hong Kong (or at least we cannot notice any such filtering when accessing Google, Wikipedia, Facebook or Twitter).
  7. Taxi fare is based on meter in Hong Kong. If the taxi driver negotiates the fare with you, you may seek help from the police.
  8. Kongees not only use chopsticks and not only have Chinese cuisines. We are familiar with cuisines from different cultures – though we keep some Chinese styles in the meal, e.g. passing the food around, sharing and exchanging dishes, shouting, etc.
  9. Having food leftover is only a custom of (some of) the typical  ‘Chineses’. It is not impolite to finish all your food in a meal in Hong Kong.
  10. Eating dogs (or cats) is not common, but in fact illegal in Hong Kong. However, yes, we eat snakes.


本篇發表於 天南地北 並標籤為 , 。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

2 Responses to Misunderstandings about Hong Kong

  1. Kanice 說道:

    I like your article as I always find it humiliating when general Western people think Hong Kong people equals Chinese people. I mean yeah politically we are part of China but we are so much different from the Mainlanders in so many aspects.

    I like your #3 coz whenver i go, when people see me having yellow skin and all goes “nee how ma", i only respond or smile out of courtesy but actually feel embarassing inside.

    As for Jackie Chan, I dont hate him but owing to his representative image for HK people, I hope he speaks better English so that the English people would not stereotype us as a country of people who can can’t speak proper English.

    • 司南 說道:

      In any case, Jackie cannot represent Hong Kong in any way. I feel much more honoured if people say they like Bruce Li instead.

      (BTW, I hope you do not mind that I have corrected the typo that you mentioned.)



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